We have innovated and created VinCense to facilitate real-time patient care through continual remote monitoring of vital signs in an unobtrusive and non-invasive manner. VinCense automates collection of actionable data.

VinCense consists of a wearable (a device worn on the wrist like a watch), an Android app and a database accessible from a Web interface. To use VinCense, you need an Android mobile device and a reliable WiFi or data connection.

The wearables

The wearables feels just like a wristwatch. It is quite unobtrusive. It continually performs accurate, clinical-grade monitoring of three vital parameters: pulse rate, skin temperature and oxygen saturation.

The wearables is rugged and water-resistant. It is constructed of a biocompatible material and is easy to maintain. It is powered by a standard coin cell. The power consumption is low, and so the life is long.

The wearables transmits the collected data to the user’s mobile device using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. An Android app sends the data in turn to the cloud that the care-provider can study at any time from anywhere. We realise that there are hiccups in data connectivity anywhere, and so we have provided for data to be logged offline for a full 24 hours. Once the connection is restored, the data are uploaded automatically.

Help button is used to get emergency assistance. SMS alerts will be sent to five pre-configured numbers.

The Mobile App

We have built a number of features into the mobile app to make it helpful

There is a nurse call feature, for convenience.

VinCense facilitates pain management through a feature whereby the user can record pain levels.

The app can be used to send text messages with location information in case there is an emergency.

A 24-hour real-time record of the vital parameters, notifications can be visualised readily on the mobile device.

There are helpful indications: Device not connected or out of range, wearables battery low.

The Web Interface

As a clinician, you will truly appreciate the features of the Web interface, which permits you to monitor multiple patients simultaneously. The interface gives you visible and audible alerts/notifications.

Patients in the ICU as well as those in the rooms or even at home can all be monitored. Once configured, the interface is intuitive to use.

It can provide you a bird’s eye view of all your patients’ status through a macro dashboard. These dashboards enable you to monitor your patients in real time.

In the background, it is making secure backups of all the patient data.

Automated population of EMRs is also possible.

You will also enjoy the power of data analytics that the VinCense Web interface gives you. You can make better decisions using the different means in which you can examine the raw data using VinCense.


This open scalable platform can be connected to any medical device, anytime, anywhere. The standardized view serves as a one-stop solution for health care providers. Provides for efficient health care delivery and management.

Bluetooth smart enabled armcuff based BP monitor, Glucometer, single lead portable ECG unit and Weighing scale are being integrated.

VinDA data aggregator collects data from existing medical devices in use at hospitals and pushes the data into the same web-interface. We are partnering with Phoenix Medical systems for this product.

How it helps

VinCense spells convenience, assurance and reduced costs for everyone involved.

Now clinicians can monitor even non-ICU patients continually. Vulnerable patients can be monitored closely without being shifted to the ICU.

The human error factor is removed, significantly improving the quality of health care delivered. Access to live, actionable data aids clinicians in taking informed decisions before potential complications could arise.

The reliability of the measurements provided by VinCense permits doctors to provide better care.


VinCense revolutionizes healthcare delivery and management. Vital parameters are logged in at higher frequencies, automatically. So is the monitoring of step-down and post-op rehab patients—in effect, regular rooms are converted to mini ICUs.

Nursing staff is relieved of the tedious chore of logging vitals and can focus more on patient rehabilitation. The throughput of patients increases, patients who have been discharged can be monitored by the hospital.

They can be tracked, and in the event of an emergency, the response is quicker and better. The efficiency and accountability of the nursing staff are improved.

As a result, the health care delivery is transformed. On the whole, VinCense can reduce operational costs and lead to quality care being provided on time.


VinCense serves as a virtual nurse constantly attending on a patient, but is more affordable than one. Thus the health care bill is drastically reduced. Patients with chronic ailments can enjoy better care.

They can avoid staying in a hospital or reduce the duration of their stay. They can be more independent and participate in community activities.

They experience better health, gain peace of mind because assistance is at hand in case of emergencies. Hence, enjoy a better quality of life.


The cost of care per patient who is admitted in a hospital drops


Power Requirement

Power : DC LIPO Battery:1*4.2 V Lithium 300 mAH


Measurement range: 70-100%
Accuracy: 70-100%, ±2%; <70%, no definition

Pulse rate

Measurement range: 30-250 bpm
Accuracy tolerance: ±2 bpm

Respiratory rate

Measurement range: 8-40 breaths per minute
Accuracy: ±1 bpm breaths per minute

Skin temperature

Measurement range: In celsius : 25 – 37°C
Measurement range: In fahrenheit : 77 - 99°F

Transmission range

Connection range distance - 22 ft (6.7 Mtrs)


Operation environment: -20°C to 85°C; Humidity <80%
Storage environment: -20°C to 55°C; Humidity <95%

Battery Life

3000 Readings per charge (in spotcheck mode), Recharge time - 50 to 60 Minutes, Active Mode - 28 Days (Approx), Shutdown Mode - 138 Days (Approx)

Bluetooth Smart Interface

Class 3 Radio

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